Polling venues unlikely to change

The Fijian Elections Office team. Picture: FEO

SUPERVISOR of Elections Mohammed Saneem has tentatively confirmed prepoll and polling day venues for the 2018 General Election.

This was discussed during a meeting concerning various agenda items raised by political parties at the Fijian Elections Office yesterday.

“It is highly unlikely that these venues will change, and knowing this will allow the parties to make their own preparations for the elections as well,” Mr Saneem said.

The various political parties had also been advised on the procedures to follow when appointing polling agents, including the requirements needed from the agents.

Mr Saneem had also informed the political parties to keep a proper record of revenue received for the general election.

“Each party must ensure that they have an accurate and thorough financial record with receipts for all donations, as the FEO will publish these at the end of the election.”

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