Poll reveals what voters want

Pre-poll starts today and it will be conducted at 138 venues around the country. Picture: File/ BALJEET SINGH

FIJIANS will vote for the party that promises an improvement in personal wealth, solution or resolution to land issues and a decrease in crime, the Tebbutt Times Poll has revealed.

Conducted on October 21-24, the poll asked the public for their views on the three biggest issues that will decide their votes in the upcoming elections.

The most common issue (about 81 per cent) of those who were polled gave an answer related to personal wealth which is cost of living or wages, unemployment or jobs creation and poverty.

More than half of those polled mentioned cost of living or wages as being very important for them.

One in three people mentioned land in their top three issues for the elections.

They were also likely to mention crime in their list.

Of those polled, 27 per cent listed economy and education in their top three and 13 per cent had health in their list. Only three per cent mentioned roads, transport, power and water in their top three priorities to determine their votes.

*Detailed report in today’s edition of The Fiji Times