Poll reveals people like daylight saving

DAYLIGHT saving is only popular in the country because it provides more hours for afternoon recreation.

That’s the view of the University of the South Pacific’s economist, Dr Neelesh Gounder.

Analysing the results of the Tebbutt-Times Poll which has revealed Fijians like having daylight saving, Dr Gounder said the Government had argued that daylight saving would allow employers and workers to spend quality daylight time with families.

“One of the arguments as to why the majority of respondents (59 per cent) support daylight saving could be it provides more hours for afternoon recreation,” he said.

“While the best time for recreation is a matter of personal preference, afternoon seems to be more popular in Fiji.

“Overall, evening activities are expected to increase with that extra daylight as it provides people with the ‘daylight incentive’ to engage in certain activities.

“For others who have opposed (34 per cent) daylight saving, it doesn’t have any positive impact if it simply shifts their regular schedule and routines.”

Dr Gounder said while the survey showed a positive response, it would be interesting to see which groups were disproportionately impacted negatively.

“It might be more valuable to dissect the survey between parents of children who attend primary school and other parents.

“Perhaps a future survey should look at parents of primary schoolchildren who travel by buses (especially in rural areas) and other parents.

“It is also curiously interesting to note that majority (63 per cent) would prefer that the daylight saving period to remain from November to January. So, while they support the idea of daylight saving, they would not prefer to have it all throughout the year.

“It would also be a good idea to survey employers as it could bring unique challenges such as workplace safety for workers in certain industries.”

Of the 1046 who were surveyed, 59 per cent agreed to have their clocks turned one hour ahead from November to January while 34 per cent opposed the idea.

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