Poll boost for women

THE National Council of Women Fiji has thrown its support behind the idea of having more women engaged in the local political arena.

Council president Tauga Nacanaitaba said they had worked with women who would be standing for elections through various trainings conducted by the council.

“For this year’s election, I think there are more women declaring themselves to be part of it. We are very pleased with that. We would actually like to see this because the political parties are supposed to have a percentage of having women representation and they have been doing this, we are really happy,” Ms Nacanaitaba said.

She claimed coups in the past had deterred women in the country from joining politics.

“When these coups happened, the women saw these in the papers and televisions and they did not want to come back because they were afraid of them.

“But I think now they seem to be more interested. I know that straight after the coups, when elections happened, it was difficult for the women. We went around and tried to encourage more women and put out articles in the newspaper’s to see whether women would like to take part but it was very hard.”

Her message to young women who wanted to join politics was to go for it, if they were really into it.

“We are trying to do this in the council to get our 60 affiliated organisations and usually the meetings we had in the last five years.

“We have been encouraging the senior women to come and bring one young woman along with them,” she said.

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