Poll aid offer by EU

THE European Union (EU) is prepared to help Fiji during this year’s general election.

This was confirmed by EU director responsible for development co-operation with Asia, Central Asia, Middle East/Gulf and the Pacific, Pierre Amilhat.

Mr Amilhat said the EU was always prepared to help the Fijian Government, provided Fiji was interested.

“I would extend an invitation for our observers to come and participate in the election. The question should not be put to me, but to the Fijian Government if they are interested,” Mr Amilhat said. “Just to know, our readiness to always help a country that has made so much progress in its democratic organisation.”

He said during the election in 2014, an EU observer team was here.

Meanwhile, Mr Amilhat highlighted the three regional programs consisting of Pacific-European Union waste management program, Global Climate Change Alliance and program of Strengthening Public Financial Management (PFM) had been constructed in consultation with all Pacific countries, therefore, they reflected the needs of each of them.

“In each one of these three regional programs, there will be a dimension to which will be a benefit to Fiji. The size of Fiji is the size of the needs. It is a very important participant in these programs,” he said. “It’s not about distributing funds to each individual country in the Pacific, but about organising at regional level activities that then are implemented or organised in Fiji.”

He said Fiji had a sophisticated administration that was proficient in public finance management.

“We are looking at re-enforcing the capacity of the governments in their budget management,” Mr Amilhat said.

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