Politics bring out the worst in us: Prof Biman

NFP leader Biman Prasad. Picture: FT FILE/JONA KONATACI

PERHAPS if Fiji’s national rugby sevens team ran the country, we would have national unity.

It seems that the one of the few times we are all looking in the same direction is when they are playing.

We come together when there is a national disaster such as a cyclone or floods.

Simply, we unite during times of triumphs and tragedies. But politics seems to bring out the worst in us.

So the first thing that we, as politicians, need to understand is that we cannot bring about national unity.

We should do what we can to create the right conditions. Then we must step back – and let the people lead the way.

Read more on NFP leader Professor Biman Prasad’s contribution to the issue of national unity in today’s (Monday, October 1, 2018) edition of The Fiji Times.

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