Political bloc calls for removal of MPs

A Solidarity Agreement (SA) signed by five Members of Vanuatu Parliament (MPs) claiming to have the support of 23 MPs, call on Prime Minister Charlot Salwai, to deal with some issues affecting the integrity of the nation.

The SA was signed by MP Sato Kilman, MP Ishmael Kalsakau, MP Marc Ati, MP Gracia Chadrack and MP Jay Ngwele as head of different political groupings Wednesday.

The new political bloc is led by MP Kilman. He said the SA was backed by 23 MPs — 18 government MPs and five from the Opposition.

In their remarks after the signing, both MP Kilman and Opposition Leader MP Kalsakau call on the Prime Minister to remove the deputy Prime Minister (DPM) and Minister of Trade Joe Natuman from office.

They say it is clear that the DPM pleaded guilty and he was given a 2-year suspended sentence but still holds office. They see this as unfair.

Both MP Kilman and MP Kalsakau say they hope the PM will hear their call and respond.

“We want stability, if there is stability but there is no progress and development then there is instability. What are we doing for our people?” MP Kilman questioned.

MPs who are part of the SA want to see that the rule of law and justice is applied to all MPs, political leaders and other national leaders fairly and where any leader is in breach of any law they must face full force of the law and due justice.

A section of the SA states that these groupings who are signatories are like minded in various national, moral, political, economic, financial and development issues affecting and being implemented by the government.

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