Polite thugs take car, $70 in cash

“Vosota (sorry), we are thugs just looking for money.”

These were the words that echoed in 36-year-old Ruth Fong’s mind as she tried to recall the early morning robbery that took place in her home at Vatoa St in Samabula, Suva, yesterday.

“I said my goodbyes to my husband at 3am as he left for Nadi Airport to visit family in Brisbane, Australia. After he left, I couldn’t sleep so I thought of doing the laundry,” Mrs Fong said.

She claimed that three masked men entered their house by breaking the back door grill and allegedly threatened her and her two daughters aged 16 and 13 years and her 74-year-old uncle with a digging spade, digging fork and a crow bar.

“The thieves kept asking us if we were Chinese nationals and to give them money. The spade and digging fork they held is ours except for the crow bar.” “Are you Chinese? Give us the money! Give us your purse.”

Mrs Fong said after telling them they were Rotumans and spoke in iTaukei, the thieves apologised and said they were thugs just looking for money.

“They became very polite and apologetic after I spoke to them in iTaukei and that was after they took my purse and car keys.”

Mrs Fong said the thieves took off with $70 cash that was in her purse and also their grey Nissan Tida car with the registration number HQ 475.

“The thieves left behind my bank cards and other cards, but made off with the cash and our car after I just told them to take anything they wanted as I feared for the safety of my two daughters and uncle,” Mrs Fong said.

She added the thieves apologised while leaving and even locked the door behind them and also left the spade and fork at the back porch as it belonged to them.

Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro confirmed three masked men were alleged to have forcefully entered the Samabula home and stole cash and assorted items. She said investigation into the matter continued.

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