Police yet to charge man over wife’s death; Post-mortem examination done

THE post-mortem examination of the 34-year-old woman from Dreketi Village, Somosomo on Taveuni who was allegedly stabbed to death by her husband over the weekend has been completed. Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said investigation into the alleged murder of the woman was in progress. “Police are yet to charge the suspect as police questioning continues,” Ms Naisoro said. “The post-mortem examination was conducted today (yesterday) and the suspect remains in custody.” Meanwhile, the incident has prompted calls from certain quarters for the ban of home-brew consumption and production in villages around the country. Speaking during the divisional Youth and Sports Conference yesterday, Welitoa Youth Group representative Melania Baleilekutu said the incident had driven fear and shock within her community. Ms Baleilekutu said despite calls for the ban, it was still being consumed in villages. “This may be a sign of the lack of our ability to report matters to relevant authorities even though we know that illegal acts are being committed,” she said.

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