Police to explore charges of negligence

POLICE will not hesitate to explore charges of negligence if they find that children are not being provided the basic necessities to life, this including their safety.

The warning comes after a girl, believed to be three-years-old, was found wandering outside the home of a police officer early Sunday morning.

Police yesterday confirmed that the mother of the child presented herself to police after pictures of her daughter were circulated on social media.

Police were after information to contact the child’s parents or guardians.

Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro said the issue of children’s safety needed to be taken seriously by every Fijian.

“Parents and guardians need to keep a close watch on their children’s movements at all times. Young children in particular have a tendency to wander considering their inquisitive nature,” Ms Naisoro said.

“If you have plans to leave your child with someone else, lines of communication must be kept open and regular communication must be maintained.”

She said the last thing the force wanted was to take children away from their parents or guardians, but if there was a need to protect the child, they would do so.

Ms Naisoro said police were working with the Department of Social Welfare considering the circumstances surrounding the incident.

“She (mother) is currently being interviewed at the Nasinu Police Station. She came forward after relatives allegedly informed her of the request after seeing the plea on social media,” Ms Naisoro said. |

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