Police shot unarmed man ‘7 times in back’

An unarmed US man killed by police this month was shot seven times in the back, according to an independent post-mortem examination.

Stephon Clark was shot a total of eight times in the confrontation on the night of March 18 in Sacramento, California, said a forensic pathologist.

Dr Bennet Omalu said seven of the bullets entered the 22-year-old father-of-two’s back and side.

He was holding a mobile phone, which police said they mistook for a gun.

His death has sparked city-wide protests.

Dr Omalu said Mr Clark was also hit in the neck and thigh, and one shot resulted in a punctured lung.

Authorities said each officer fired 10 times.

Any one of the eight bullets that struck Mr Clark could have proved fatal, he said.

“His death wasn’t instantaneous,” Dr Omalu said at a news conference on Friday.

It took him three to 10 minutes to bleed to death.

Dr Omalu said the seventh gunshot wound was to the side of his body, towards the back.

He said: “You can reasonably conclude he received seven gunshot wounds from his back.”

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