Police seek infor on alleged baby snatcher

POLICE are seeking information from members of the public regarding a 35-year-old woman who is believed to have information about a baby who was allegedly abducted from Labasa Hospital over the weekend.

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said the identity of the woman could help investigators with vital information regarding the incident.

Ms Naisoro has requested those with information to call the Northern Division Command Centre on 9905722 or Crime Stoppers on 919.

“We understand that the unidentified suspect who abducted the baby had gotten into a taxi on Sunday afternoon headed for Vatunibale (Labasa) where the infant was later found,” she said.

“The driver of the taxi who was based at Labasa Hospital informed police that he had transported a woman from hospital carrying a newborn baby.

“Upon information received, police later found the baby alive and well behind the police barracks in Vatunibale.

“The babies were in the ante-natal ward when one of them was taken.”

Ms Naisoro said the investigation was still in progress as police tried to determine the identity of the suspect.

The baby, one of twins belonging to 33-year-old Ulaila Itu, of Bouma, Taveuni, was abducted by a mysterious woman at the Labasa Hospital on Sunday afternoon.

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