Police seek info

THE Fiji Police Force urges members of the public not to withhold any information when reporting a crime.

Police chief operations officer ACP Rusiate Tudravu said they were investigating a case in which several people spoke of being drugged while thieves ransacked their homes.

He said it was important for those coming forward to provide all information, no matter how much they think it may be insignificant to the case.

“There is a report which we are investigating on claims of being drugged,” ACP Tudravu said

“We urge members of the public to give us all the details when giving their statement so we can investigate the matter whether you may think it’s insignificant or not let our investigators do their work and verify the information.”

He said the investigators’ job was to verify information and they can only do their work to the best of their abilities if they are provided with all information regarding cases.

“That’s their job. Don’t withhold information and share it with others and expect us to look into it because we will work on what you have given us,” ACP Tudravu said. “Claims similar to this (people being drugged) has been made before, but to date has never been proven.”

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