Police: Quiet Christmas

IT was a quiet Christmas in the North, says Divisional Police Commander northern Senior Superintendent of Police Shiri Singh.

“We have not recorded any major incidents and we must applaud the support of the people in working with police to maintain law and order,” he said yesterday.

“Our teams were deployed to different areas of the division and the patrol has been a success.

“We patrolled the residential areas as well and in town including nightclubs so all has gone well.”

SSP Singh said the checkpoints in towns would continue as part of the Christmas operation.

“We are urging people not to drink and drive and look after their lives during this festive season,” he said.

“If families will drink in their homes, please protect your girls and look after them well. Our women and girls need protection by all so please look after them well.”

SSP Singh says the police will patrol the picnic spots during this weekend to ensure everyone enjoys and stays safe.

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