Police probe assault

POLICE continue to investigate cases where two of its officers were allegedly assaulted within the vicinity of their police stations.

A statement issued yesterday by the Fiji Police Force stated there were two cases, one recorded in the Western Division and another in the Southern Division.

Police chief intelligence and investigations ACP Vakacegu Toduadua said the police officers were attending to two people who were in custody when the assaults allegedly took place.

“Concerns have been raised by senior police officials on the assault of their officers on the ground,” ACP Toduadua said.

“Both officers were assaulted in the police premises. Even though other officers were able to bring the situation under control, it is still a concern.”

Meanwhile, police are also warning members of the public to refrain from taking the law into their own hands.

The warning comes after police received several complaints from members of the Hindu community for stoning incidents as they celebrate Ram Naumi festival.

“We respect Christian denominations when it comes to Easter and Christmas, when it comes to Eid we respect the rituals of our Muslim brothers so we need to respect the Hindu religion as well,” ACP Toduadua said.

“This is their constitutional right and we need to respect it.

“Police will closely monitor this incident and areas will be patrolled.

“If anyone is caught they will be taken to task.”

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