Police probe alleged disposal of packages

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POLICE are investigating a case of a villager who allegedly dumped into the sea a package of white substance believed to be cocaine.

Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro confirmed the incident happened in the North.

“There were claims made about disposing of the substances, but still subject to investigations,” she said.

“We have asked members of the public to call us immediately if they see brown packages similar to the ones that have been highlighted through the media and not to open them. ”

This issue was also raised and discussed at the Kubulau district meeting held at Namalata Village, Bua this week. Village leaders raised their concerns about reports of recent discoveries of brown packages in the province which were believed to contain cocaine.

Hungat Naicker, police officer in charge of Bua and Macuata, encouraged village leaders to remind their villagers about the importance of alerting police when such discoveries are made.

He said at the meeting that two packages were found on the shores in Wainunu and Kubulau.

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