Police postpone recovery

A TEAM of police divers from the Police Special Response Unit postponed their dive in attempts to retrieve an old car wreck from the Navua River yesterday, which it believes belonged to the missing Kumar family.

The Kumars were reported missing since April 19, 2006, and only the parents’ decomposed bodies were found in Pacific Harbour the same year.

The children’s bodies, however, were never recovered.

Last Thursday, police received a report from a fishermen who was diving in the area and found the wreckage.

Police spokesman Inspector Josaia Weicavu said this prompted the dive, which started on Saturday.

Insp Weicavu said their officers had tried to dig out some parts of the car that was stuck at the riverbed. But yesterday, he said their search was marred by heavy rain.

He said they hoped to find any evidence that could provide any information on the missing children, adding investigations would continue once the car was recovered.

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