Police officers reminded on the integrity of their profession

Police officers on parade during the 2018 General Election briefing by acting chief operations officer ASP Maritino Qiolevu at Police Academy Grounds in Nasova last month. Picture: RAMA

DO not let the integrity of your policing profession be questioned.

This was highlighted by the Chief of Operations for the Fiji Police force ACP Maretino Qiolevu while addressing more than 600 officers from the Southern Division for their operational readiness check in Nasova grounds this afternoon.

ACP Qiolevu said Security would be the main talking points and the focus would be on the force to deliver.

“Security is not only vital for the integrity of the Election process, but as we now enter the postal voting period, any mishap or security breaches will be blamed entirely on us,” he said.

He adds the officers would be scrutinised on everything they would say or do during this elections period.

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