Police: ‘No weather spectators’

The flooded Soasoa Road in Labasa that forced more than 200 workers and students back home this morning. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

The flooded Soasoa Road in Labasa. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA/FILE

THE public have been warned to stay away from flooded areas as police will not tolerate any situation involving “weather spectators”.

North divisional police commander Senior Superintendent of Police Eparama Waqa said people had a habit of watching floodwaters during heavy downpour.

With the forecasted flooding because of heavy rain this week, SSP Waqa said his team would be on standby and ensure such situations did not happen.

“There is nothing to watch with floodwaters as it is always risky to even stand in the flooded areas,” he said.

“So with the flood warning already given out this week, we will ensure that no one stands near flooding areas unnecessarily just to watch.

“And we are pleading now to those who live in flood-prone areas to adhere to weather warning and move to higher areas during daylight.

“Do not wait for the floodwaters to rise as this can be difficult and can cause more challenges for those in the rescue team. ” Parents have also been reminded to keep their children safe and indoors.

“Children will always be a priority and so we are asking parents to keep them safe at home and do not allow them to play in drains or floodwaters during rainy days,” SSP Waqa said.

“We are monitoring the weather situation and asking everyone to keep safe as we anticipate rainy days ahead.

“Keep safe and stay indoors, move to higher ground if you’re living in flood-prone areas and parents be vigilant over your children.”

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