Police look at social decay

WITH the recent increase in attempted suicide, drugs and sugar cane burning cases, police officers in the Western Division will spend the next few days raising awareness on these issues.

Divisional police commander West, Senior Superintendent of Police Marika Kotoisuva said the recent reports highlighted a need for more community engagement.

He said one of the platforms used to raise awareness would be the Lautoka Farmers Carnival.

“The increasing number of attempted suicide is one issue that we are concerned with because this is something that is mostly affecting our Indo-Fijian community and we want to take this opportunity that we have been presented with to speak about suicide,” he said.

“As most people know, suicide is not the answer to people’s problems. In fact it escalates it further.

“Especially our young people who need to be made aware of people or places that they can turn to if they are facing problems.”

SSP Kotoisuva said the issue of drugs and tourism were also a major concern.

“Tourism is a big money earner for us here in the West and so we want to talk more about some of the concerns within this area and that includes drugs.”

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