Police leadership gaps

LEADERSHIP gaps within the Fiji Police Force is an issue that the organisation has been working to address, says chief of operations, Assistant Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu.

ACP Tudravu said taking advantage of the vast experiences of senior police officers was part of their restructure program.

“This is part of our reforms which is to identify future leaders within the organisation,” he said.

“As we all know that the retirement age is 55 and for us we come into the force in batches which means that we could have 30 or 50 or even 100 recruits at one given time.

“So, we expect with those numbers, an average number of them will retire at the same time.

“These are some of the leadership gaps that we have.”

ACP Tudravu said senior officers would be placed in areas that could help in developing the force before their impending retirement.

“What we are currently doing with the guidance of the Commissioner of Police is we are putting senior officers and giving them leadership roles so that they can take the organisation forward.”

He said former divisional police commander west Senior Superintendent of Police Marika Yalimaiwai’s appointment as the director training at the Police Academy was a prime example of this particular reform.

“Given that the product of training will be seen in the operational field, we wanted to put him in our Police Academy because we need someone who has been on operational side of our organisation and who is also very familiar with our training program.

“He has identified the gaps that are there within the organisation and when he returns to the academy at least he will know what needs to be done.”

ACP Tudravu said the Western Division had not been able to produce experienced officers to take up senior positions in the Central Division for a number of years.

“This is like a training ground for our senior officers but for a couple of years now almost all the senior roles have been filled from officers in the Southern Division.

“So, we are just trying to drive to our officers in the West that they need to perform and they need to strive for excellence in terms of securing leadership roles.”

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