Police issue warning

POLICE will not hesitate to lay charges of negligence on parents and guardians if a child is harmed during this adverse weather situation.

This was the warning from police chief operations officer, Acting Assistant Commissioner of Poilce (ACP) Maretino Qiolevu.

He said officers in the Western Division spent a lot of time telling children not to swim in rivers during their community visitations.

“This is extremely worrying considering all the advisories issued and yet we find children still swimming in swollen rivers,” he said.

“Parents and guardians need to remain vigilant and always keep an eye on their children.”

Meanwhile, Acting ACP Qiolevu said police in all four divisions had standby teams that would be deployed if the weather situation deteriorated.

“We have already deployed officers to visit areas prone to flooding and traffic officers have been boosted considering the unfavourable conditions that could be a safety issue to drivers and all road users.

“All the warnings and advisories and visitations will be of no use if people have heard all the pleas to stay safe and away from flooded areas and yet continue to swim or try to cross the affected areas.

“We can’t be everywhere and we have issued our command centre contact information and they can be contacted if you require assistance.”

Members of the public can contact the following centres for information and assistance.

* Southern Division Command – 9905529;

* Western Division Command – 9905457;

* Eastern Division Command – 9905563; and

* Northern Division Command – 9905722.

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