Police investigate death of one-year-old

POLICE are investigating the death of a one year old girl at her home in Veitari, Lautoka last Thursday.

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said the victim was left in the care of a relative on the day of the alleged incident.

“And on that day the child is alleged to have disappeared from her sight where she had been attending a church service a few meters away from their home,” Ms Naisoro said.

“When the relative searched for her, she allegedly found the child motionless with her head in a bucket which was filled with water a quarter way up.”

The child was rushed to the Lautoka Hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Meanwhile, Save the Children Fund CEO Iris Low-McKenzie said the incident was very unfortunate and heartbreaking.

“This calls for a reminder to parents and guardians about our responsibility in caring and protecting our children,” Ms Low-McKenzie said.

“At all times we should ensure that children’s best interests and safety is our priority over other obligations and responsibilities. Children have the right to be protected and we have to ensure that we are not violating their rights at any costs. Infants are not able to judge what is right or wrong and we are responsible for them.”

Ms Low-McKenzie said we must also be mindful of the repercussions and the implications of child negligence in
our country.

“Courts are now imposing harsher penalties which highlights a commitment in addressing and eliminating cases of neglect so we need to be vigilant,” she said.


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