Police intervene

POLICE have continued to monitor a weekend episode between a leading supermarket and a businessman in Labasa.

Divisional police commander North Senior Superintendent Naulumatua Lutunacaucau yesterday confirmed a security firm hired by NewWorld Supermarket sent out a group of their workers to the premises to try and open the closed gates.

The gates were closed by NewWorld’s landlord Bashir Khan two weeks ago after he started renovation work.

“I had to personally intervene on Saturday because it could have been worse so I spoke to both parties and we came to an agreement about the areas of access,” he said.

“We have made this clear to both parties and we have left the area of maintenance and repairs to Mr Khan and his team while NewWorld workers have access to their working areas.”

SSP Lutunacaucau added the intervention was also done for the sake of public safety.

He said it was necessary to keep the peace and maintain security in the area to ensure the public could still do their shopping in the supermarket without any trouble.

Mr Khan has received notices of defects to the building from the Department of OHS and the Ministry of Lands which resulted in the repair works.

And NewWorld Supermarket has labelled the repair works as a disruption to the daily business operations.

The case between Mr Khan and NewWorld Supermarket will be heard in the High Court in Labasa today.

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