Police extend search in Pacific

APIA – The Samoan Ministry of Police has reached out to neighbouring Pacific Islands to help identify a man who was found at sea on the White Sunday holiday on October 10, 2016 at Levi, Salemoa.

Police spokesperson, Su’a Muliaga Tiumalu said it’s about a month and nobody had come forward to identify the man.

The next option for police is to reach out to American Samoa and other Pacific nations for their assistance.

“Since the man has not been identified locally, our next step is to work with authorities in the Pacific to help out,” said Mr Su’a.

“Because the man could have been on a fishing boat or be from neighbouring countries and brought to our shores by the current.

“That is why we had to extend our search.”

Mr Su’a said the man had a rose tattoo on his right shoulder with the name “warrior” below it.

When police found the body in October, it had already started to decompose which made it difficult to identify the age and the features of the man.

An autopsy was carried out and police are waiting for the results.