Police deploy extra officers

THE Fiji Police Force has increased its presence in the Western Division through the deployment of additional officers to counter increased criminal activities reported from the region in recent days.

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said the Police Commissioner assured the public they would do everything possible to keep people safe.

She said already three people were in custody and being questioned in relation to the alleged murder of a 70-year-old woman of Razak Rd in Lautoka.

“We won’t be able to divulge the numbers and duration of their (police deployed) stay for reasons that it can affect our work in the area,” said Ms Naisoro. “And we really don’t want to give criminal elements an insight into our operations.

“Our operations are aligned to the criminal landscape and as the Commissioner had stated there was a shift to the West which is why more manpower was deployed.”

Ms Naisoro added that while police are doing their best to keep the public safe people needed to take necessary precautions and call police if they saw any suspicious activities.

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