Police commissioner emphasises zero tolerance on police brutality

The Solomon Islands police commissioner said he would not tolerate any brutality in his force and had called on the public to report any grievances to his office.

Matthew Varley’s comments come as the force took on full responsibility for national security without the support of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI), whose last contingent left on Friday.

Mr Varley said the Royal Solomon Islands Police force had expanded and strengthened its professional standards unit, which was investigating some officers after complaints from the public.

“We take those cases very seriously and we have specialised internal investigators who review these cases, investigate them and we have independent disciplinary tribunal officers. We have cases before us now with exactly that allegation — that people have been mistreated. My message is if that occurs, we want the public to report it to us and we will take swift and firm action as we have proven to do in the past.”

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