Police call for united fight

Picture: FILE

THE use of methamphetamine in the country can only be effectively dealt with if relevant stakeholders work together, says police Criminal Investigations Department’s (CID) drug unit boss.

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Anare Masitabua said since methamphetamine was a new drug in the country, there was still a chance to help eradicate the use of this powerful and highly addictive stimulant.

ASP Masitabua said police were now trying to develop a national drug strategy focused on the elimination of drugs.

“This national drug strategy will also target the drug dealers, cultivators and also in regards to the monitoring of the movement of chemicals needed to manufacture methamphetamine,” he said.

He added that a methamphetamine action plan had also been designed for police officers.

“We are actually designing a methamphetamine action plan where police officers are trained to go out to the communities to take action.

“But police cannot act alone and we need the support of the communities to take action in their areas. Unless and until they take ownership of their areas, then we can say we stopped this drug.

“For police officers to tackle the use of meth, we need the support of stakeholders and the communities. We also need the media to come together and air out that this thing is really dangerous.”

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