Police beef up games’ security

MEASURES have been put in place by the Fiji Police Force to ensure this year’s Coca-Cola Games which starts at the ANZ Stadium in Suva tomorrow is incident free.

Chief operations officer Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police Maretino Qiolevu said police operations would not only be looking at the element of safety at the games venue, but also other events leading up to the athletes’ big day.

“Students from other divisions will be travelling to Suva which is why the operation is not only focused at the ANZ Stadium, but there is the safety of students and parents billeted at various schools where we will be patrolling regularly,” Acting ACP Qiolevu said.

“The traffic unit will have maximum visibility on our roads with officers out on motorbikes monitoring behaviours of road users, particularly the waving flags from moving vehicles and the general safety of all road users”.

He said the games venue would be closely monitored by various specialised units.

“Officers from the special response unit and our K-9 unit will also be deployed to keep a close eye on those who may want to sneak in prohibited items and substances as it has been an issue during past games,” he said.

“The athletes have invested a lot of time in training, which is why it is imperative for parents, spectators and ex-scholars to enjoy the games responsibly and allow the athletes to enjoy their moment and we are working hard to ensure we have an incident free Coca-Cola Games.”

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