Police and church visit districts to help reduce crime

DISTRICTS in the Solomon Islands have had visitations from Police and the Anglican Church of the Diocese of Isabel who are determined to help reduce crime rate in the area.
A statement by the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) said the awareness talks were expected to go for five days.
Supervising Isabel Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Oswald Iru said the combined team of Police and church members were expected to visit the communities of Japuana, Kolotubi and those in Kolomola wards, including Muana community and primary schools.
“My officers will provide awareness talks based on law and crime, more specifically about alcohol and drugs; and will also explain the National Crime Prevention Strategy to members of those communities and Schools. While the church representatives will conduct awareness talks about church principles and positive parenting,” he said.
He said the church and Police had a common purpose and that was to ensure there was peace in our homes.

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