PNG volleyball looking to start comps

PNGVF president Kila Dick. Picture: THE NATIONAL

PORT MORESBY, 01 JUNE 2020 (THE NATIONAL) – The Papua New Guinea Volley Federation (PNGVF) is looking to start competitions for its affiliates next month with a strong emphasis on social distancing to be part of the sport’s policies.

PNGVF president Kila Dick told The National that plans were in place for a June 6 start with a four-month competition proposed while policies for indoor and outdoor venues were being discussed.

“I’ve advised all the associations that once we’ve received the green light then we will advise them accordingly to begin their competitions so we’re probably looking at June 6 if we are to start,” he said.

“I think volleyball, like other team sports, is likely to run for almost four months which will see competitions run from June to November.

“For the associations that are using open sporting venues, the important thing for them to take note is to maintain social distancing.

“What we have been advised from the PNG Sports Foundation is that after the SOE, we’ll be making contact with the relevant venue managements, particularly those sports that are using the indoor facilities so that we can organise when competitions start next month.

“Associations can resume but they have to understand the importance of social distancing and how are they to spectate in their competitions.

“We are prepared to start our games so long as we practise social distancing.” Dick said this year’s national championships would be subject to advice from the relevant authorities.


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