PNG prepares for summit

PORT MORESBY – Papua New Guinea will host three massive ocean cruise liners berthed at Ela Beach with 5000 beds to use for the 2018 Asia Pacific Economic Cooporation Summit.

This will supplement Port Moresby hotels already booked to accommodate the guests from 21 economies that will be here in Papua New Guinea for the 2018 APEC summit in November.

PNG will need about 7000-10,000 beds to fully accommodate participants of the APEC countries.

Right now Hilton Hotel is being built, including two others to complement existing international hotels.

These cruise liners will provide more than 5600 beds parked at the Fairfax Harbour.

Last week APEC Minister Justin Tkatchenoko announced the engagement of the cruise liners.

“In November we will also have three massive cruise liners sitting in our bay on the other side providing more than 5600 rooms to all the delegates that will be coming here as well,” he said.

“So our city will be looking at a spectacular feature, the harbour will be looking magnificent with cruise liners with accommodation for our guests,” Mr Tkatchenko said.

Meanwhile, on security, Mr Tkatchenko said the Australian Defence Force will help PNG beef up its intelligence capabilities before the 2018 APEC leaders’ summit.

He said they would assist the Papua New Guinea Defence Force, police and CIS, singling out that security was a crucial part and the PNG Government was not taking it lightly.

The 21 heads of APEC member states including superpower presidents of United States, Russia and China will be in Port Moresby for the summit.

“Defence and border security is a major concern for some of the huge countries like America, China and Russia.

“We have been working closely with the Australian Government and their defence force for over two years now.

“The two defence forces are working on land, air and sea protection and making sure our borders will be secured in 2018,” Tkatchenko said.

Hosting of the event will see a massive security protection cover never seen in the country since Independence in 1975.

Tkatchenko said that the lead up to the APEC 2018 will have 200 meetings, not only in Port Moresby, but other provinces where economic leaders and corporate businesses will come from all around the world for these meetings.

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