PNG PM wins seat in general election

SYDNEY (Reuters) – The prime minister of Papua New Guinea (PNG), Peter O’Neill, has won a fourth term in Parliament, but the South Pacific nation is still no clearer on who will lead it through a period of economic uncertainty.

Opposition politicians have harshly criticised Mr O’Neill’s economic management, including his handling of a budget deficit that has ballooned in recent years as oil and gas prices slumped.

But Mr O’Neill weathered the criticism to win 48,714 votes, or 78 per cent of all ballots cast in his Ialibu-Pangia district, his office said in a statement on Sunday.

“Our promises to the people are clear and can be delivered, and we have a proven track record to deliver on our promises,” Mr O’Neill told supporters in the Southern Highlands Province.

His People’s National Congress party was in line to form the next government, he added.

The resource-rich nation is still tallying votes, however, with final results not expected until month-end.

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