PNG foreign minister Pato urges peace, security in region

PNG Minister for Trade Rimbink Pato. Picture: RNZ

PORT MORESBY,15 AUGUST 2018 (POST COURIER) – Papua New Guinea Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Rimbink Pato has called for commitment to security principles in the region.

Pato made the call when addressing the recent ASEAN regional forum in Singapore, calling for a commitment to the principles underlying peace and security.

The forum was attended by ASEAN members and others, including the United States Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo and the Foreign Affairs Minister for China, Wang Yi.

Pato said it was a year of great significance for Papua New Guinea as it hosts APEC.

“This year, because of APEC, the people of my country are being reminded over and over again of the requirements of this period in history,” he said.

Pato said the world has become globalised, through communications technology, increased travel and environmental awareness.

Pato said globalisation is producing new ways of thinking and acting as compared to past years.

“Villagers in remote valleys of Papua New Guinea, living between soaring mountains clad in rainforests can these days participate in the global economy via mobile phones and computers.

“Youngsters living in Port Moresby can instantly contact their young friends in Jakarta, Manila, Beijing and indeed anywhere in the world, as our youths know they are part of the same human family.

“The youth of our region want a world made secure, not through the brandishing of weapons, but through the spread of brand names. And they all want a say in who governs them.

“For security, we all need to be aware of the requirements of our age – economic justice, the rule of law and awareness of the global society.

“We must increasingly work together according to our agreed rules. That will be the strength that guarantees security.”

At the associated Southwest Pacific dialogue meeting, Pato called for a working committee to “get things moving quickly”.

“We need to develop an action plan which will achieve many of the results we all want, such as tackling marine pollution,” he said.

The meeting in Singapore held on August 3, involved Australia, Indonesia (chairperson), New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and Timor Leste.

Pato said the results from bilateral meetings in Singapore on the margins of the ASEAN gathering also produced positive results.

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