PNG and EU business relationship understated

PORT MORESBY, 21 JUNE 2019 (POST COURIER) —The President of The Papua New Guinea –European Union Business Council Michael Sullivan says Europe’s business relationship to PNG is somewhat understated “compared to other PNG’s trading partners”.

He said this in his opening remarks at the first ever European Union – Papua New Guinea Business and Investment Conference hosted today in Port Moresby, Papua New Guiana.

He said Europe and PNG have come a far and this should not be the case.

“All the great European powers came to Papua New Guinea; the Dutch, Spanish, Portages, Italians, British and Germany to make their mark, leaving Island, seas, and landscapes named after them.”

“PNG and Europe have a long and entwined relationship, but in my view, limited attention is given in the education curriculum in PNG those historical events. Many Papua New Guineans do not understand the historical links between and Europe and I think that is a shame; there is more to learn about Europe and PNG relationship in history”

He highlighted that European companies always have been and continue to be important in the PNG business environment.

He further said: “For unknown reasons, European companies seem to be less of a household word in PNG than American, Chinese, Australian and New Zealand Companies. It’s an understated presence that the European companies have in PNG”.

He concluded expressing hope that the conference would change that moving forward.

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