PM’s attack

THE Fiji Times is the longest serving newspaper in Fiji. The editor-in-chief Fred Wesley has been publishing news and articles informing the general public of events daily.

Recently, I have read many interesting articles such as understanding RHD, understanding organic food, Chikungunya virus, etc, that this gentleman has written for the benefit of the public.

It is really unfortunate to read that our Prime Minister Mr Bainimarama has condemned The Fiji Times on April 14 for publishing a report by Opposition Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa as an irresponsible report. The Prime Minister claims that the newspaper created disunity by its report.

Wesley made a statement that the report the Prime Minister is referring to is neither the editor’s opinion nor that of The Fiji Times. Like the Government, the Opposition also has the right to be heard.

Wesley claims that in 146 years, The Fiji Times has been accused by politicians of having a political agenda.

I have always read in the past that whenever The Fiji Times makes an error or publishes an incorrect report, they do not hesitate to place an apology without delay.

This report and news highlighted in (FT 15/04/15) is a very sad and unfortunate one for the public. What to read next?

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