PM assures Fijians of stability, equality

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama with Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, Attorney-General and Minister for Economy outside parliament early this week. Picture: ATU RASEA

THE Fiji of coups and chaos is no more, says Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama.

Mr Bainimarama made this assurance in Parliament, saying the Fiji our children will inherit will be a different one.

He said his Government would continue to protect, listen to and serve every Fijian with transparency “To every Fijian and to the world, I can proudly say that the Fiji of coups and chaos is no more.”

“This is a Fiji of stability, of equality, of healthy employee and employer relationship, of business growth and investment, of adherence to higher international standards, practices and laws, of regional and global leadership — that is the Fiji which our children and grandchildren will inherit.”

He said he had always trusted the common sense of ordinary Fijians.

“I trust those people who bleed their own eyes over the words of politicians. I trust that they want action.”

Speaking on his motion of response to President Jioji Konrote’s speech in Parliament yesterday, Mr Bainimarama said the FijiFirst Government would continue to protect the communal ownership of iTaukei land in the country.

He said zero iTaukei land had been lost under his leadership and their record would remain untarnished in the years to come.

“I am the only leader and minister in this room who can claim such a record.

“I challenge everyone in this chamber to recognise that false fear mongering among land laws tears countries apart, limits economic potential and pulls us all down.”

Mr Bainimarama also assured every Fijian that he would be around to hear them and serve them, and listen to them and take their issues seriously. “Our leadership will remain transparent and accountable.

“In every decision, in every action we take, our chief consideration will remain the wellbeing of the Fijian people,” he said.


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