Pledge to fight domestic violence

MORE partnerships between Government and stakeholders are needed to increase awareness pertaining to domestic violence in the country.

Minister for Women Rosy Akbar said one of the ways this was done was through the zero tolerance for violence program.

“Our ministry is an empowerment agency and we will continue our fight to promote gender equality and plans in addressing gender-based violence,” she said.

“In Fiji, we do have a problem of domestic and gender-based violence and we need to work together to address this.”

Mrs Akbar said 42 communities in the country were declared violence free.

“We are working with another 42 to declare them but there are strict procedures in place for communities, such as the laws and programs that they have to follow before they are declared.”

She said they also continued working with stakeholders like the police to ensure that services were provided to women who needed to report such cases.

“Our Constitution provides for protection for all rights and that’s why we have relevant laws in Fiji in regards to domestic violence and these include the Domestic Violence Decree, the Crimes Decree, Family Law Act, the Child Welfare Decree and Criminal Procedure Decree.”

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