Plea over discipline

DISCIPLINARY measures should be reintroduced in schools, a school board has pleaded.

The plea from the board of the secondary school in Labasa follows reports of indiscipline among students.

Last week, parents complained to this newspaper about the theft of two school bags to the value of about $200.

The Ministry of Education is investigating this matter and the board has conducted an internal probe in their hope to curb the alleged criminal act. A statement from the school board highlighted the great need to reintroduce some form of disciplinary measures.

“This is imperative because some parents can’t discipline their children so the teachers and other students suffer as a result,” the statement said. “So we want the Ministry of Education to allow some form of disciplinary measures because it teaches the child about the values of life. It is sad to note that some parents don’t even teach their children basic manners and values of life which is very important.”

The statement said the school would now refund the cost of bags to the parents.

Education Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy could not be reached for a comment yesterday.

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