Plea for support – Visit to NZ turns to agony as father suffers stroke

Sultan Mohammed resting at a New Zealand hospital. PHOTO:SUPPLIED

A LAUTOKA resident who suffered a severe stroke in New Zealand has to be brought back to Fiji because he has no medical insurance for treatment.

Sultan Mohammed of Lovu had suffered the stroke while visiting his children on October 3. Family members are now raising money to send their stroke-stricken father back to Fiji.

His treatment at Grey Base Hospital has so far cost his family $40,000 and now needs to be brought to Fiji on a specialised medical flight.

“His family greatly wishes that he could be transferred back to Fiji to have ongoing care, but in his current state he is too unstable to be transferred by regular public air transport,” said Dr Philippa Edwards of Grey Base Hospital.

“The only way for him to be safely transported back to Fiji is with a medical escort and a large amount of medical equipment which will likely be of huge expense.”

His family in New Zealand and Fiji are pleading with the public to help monetarily in the transfer Mr Mohammed back to Fiji.

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