Players must improve

HEAD referee and technical official for the Oceania volleyball club championship Asesela Duarara said our local teams needed to improve on their skills if they wanted to make it to international standard.

Duarara also mentioned about the importance of time management since Fiji is the first country to host this inaugural competition.

“We need to work on our skills especially in the defence and also our passing where players don’t understand the rule and that is where we as referees are putting our focus on,” he said.

“Players should work on their elevation and as I mentioned about their back and front drop and drive defensive movement, a simple two-step skill for getting into position to make a play on the ball,” Duarara said.

“One of the challenges that we faced in first day of the competition was we were late and didn’t start on time, but as the games continued we picked up on the pace and we managed to finish the games on time.

“For the competition wise we got only one team from outside of the country and that is Tuvalu and they really played well.

“We also saw two new teams, Rebels and Blackhawks, who while lacking in skills but were confident when they play.

“Overall all teams performed as expected since this championship is the qualification for the next phase which is in Asia.

I think this is what boosts all teams to perform at their best.”

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