Platform ‘will not work’

Picture: FILE

Teaching children through the Walesi platform will not work because children need interaction.

This is the view of a Lautoka mother of three, Seema Kumar.

She said schools should reopen and children should return to classes.

Ms Kumar claims Walesi was not an effective way to teach children.

“At the moment, the Ministry of Education may be looking at safety because of COVID-19 but, as a parent, I think my children should be in the school,” she said.

She said it was hard to make children concentrate on the TV screen or learn at home through new methods they weren’t used to.

“My children will only look at the TV for a short period of time, they will not pay attention to the curriculum or topics because there is no interaction with the children like it happens in the class.”

She also said sometimes, just by the look or behaviour of her children, she knew they were not interested in what was being taught.

Ms Kumar said even parental engagement was difficult because parents didn’t understand the work themselves.

We can’t even help them, apart from telling them to pay attention.

“I have Walesi at home and I can tell you, it is not a very effective way to deliver programs to students.”

Ms Kumar said she was in favour of getting her children back to school as soon as possible.

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