Plastic issue

To whom it may concern.

I was betrayed.

I am of great help to people, yet I am cast aside like a used nothing.

When I came into being I was hailed by the people.

I helped carry groceries, your clothes. I was used to make things easy.

I even carried heavy loads.

I even sheltered you from the rain.

I am so useful that many people look after me and keep me well.

They appreciated me.

Sometimes I can be seen wandering the streets, creeks, roadsides and especially the beaches.

I was loyal and now I am hated.

It took a lot to bring me into being.

Sometimes you can see me thrown out of public transport and private cars.

No one cares about me.

Now you will pay, I have come back to haunt you.

The only way for me to become friends with you is to keep me safe, don’t disregard the help I rendered to you.


Mr Plastic bag.

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