Plans to revive historical site

A POPULAR tourism site in Suva will be up and running from next month after many years of closure.

However, this may only be possible if resources to redevelop the area were available.

Orchid Island in Veisari, about half an hour’s drive outside Suva, is owned by the mataqali Nakaubeqa in Waiqanake and will operate under Naicori Development Limited.

Turaga ni mataqali and landowner Uraia Naicovi says he has big plans for the island.

“This was once a thriving and busy cultural centre. Nowadays, it’s deserted and grass is overgrown with almost no visitors.

“I’m going to do the whole thing over again,” he said yesterday.

Mr Naicovi said the new development would offer tourists and locals a lot more than just a walk through Fiji’s remnants of the early days of war.

“I will add other activities such as hiking, reef walking, kayaking and surfing.”

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