Plans to promote Fijian made products during 7s meet

THERE are more plans to promote Fijian made products in Hong Kong during the 2018 Hong Kong 7s tournament, says permanent secretary for the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism Shaheen Ali.

“There will be a display of high-end niche Fijian made products at the tournament amongst other things,” he said.

Mr Ali made the comment after the end of a successful five-day trade and investment mission to Shanghai and Hong Kong.

He said Fiji’s trade and investment flows from Hong Kong was set to further accelerate after meeting the members of Fiji-HK Chamber of Commerce on December 30, 2017.

“The meeting with the Hong Kong-Fiji Chamber of Commerce, was to progress trade and investment through further efforts and initiatives by the ministry and the chamber. Building on earlier trade missions, niche product, such as Fijian beer and water have been introduced in the Hong Kong market, whilst a Hong Kong based investor opened a noni tea factory in Suva recently,” Mr Ali said.

He said recognising the Chamber of commerce in Hong Kong provided leverage to marketing Fiji and Fijian made products in the region.

“The members of the chamber outlined some of the projects that they see potential for, in Fiji. The discussions also looked at the potential of scholarships for Fijian students to study in Hong Kong,” he said.

During the mission, Mr Ali together with the trade commissioner/consul-general and officials met with Chinese businesses that were interested in doing business in Fiji.

These included big names such as Alibaba Group, Power China, Sinohydro Bureau 12 Co Ltd.

Mr Ali said Power China, was a construction company that would be undertaking the construction of Wyndham Silkroad Ark Hotel in Coral Coast estimated to cost $500 million project.

In addition to bilateral meetings and events, the Fijian delegation also visited the Shanghai tax-free zone which is a designated area where approved products are traded duty free.

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