Plans to make Nadi a city underway

tHERE are plans to make Nadi Town a city. Nadi Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Dr Ram Raju highlighted this in a statement issued to this newspaper this week.

Dr Raju confirmed that the next public awareness based on the boundaries would take place this week which would also be published/advertised in the newspapers.

“Following this update an objection and appeals period will be allowed (21 days) the Council then will write to the minister seeking “Proclamation of Nadi City,” this will be programmed to occur in September, and pending no other obstacles it is anticipated that the declaration will be announced sometime in November,” Dr Raju said.

He said Denarau, Fantasy and Naisoso Islands had been excluded but all other areas that were already mapped and circulated earlier were included.

Highlights by the Nadi

Chamber of Commerce and


Roadworks and footpaths

Due to unforeseen circumstances this has been delayed. However expected to resume anytime soon.

Several lanes (Naitavo) are yet to be repaired as well and I’ll be reminding FRA to look into that as well

Traffic management

We are planning to meet FRA, LTA, police, NTC, bus companies and others in a bid to look at the flow of traffic.

Everyone is well aware of the traffic jams at peak hours that needs judicious and prudent planning for the long term solutions as we envisage increased number of vehicles on our roads

In the meantime we have requested police to step up patrols at strategic spots to direct traffic that will ease the flow to some extent.

On other matters

Budget 2017/2018.

You would have now digested the national budget.

Let us have your feedback.

I wish to submit the responses coming Friday ie July 28 so do make a submission asap.

Fiji Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI) is holding a post budget forum in Suva on July 28 that I may be attending on your behalf or send in your submission

AGM/Business Forum

We are tentatively looking at Sat Aug 26.

Let us know if you are keen to present a paper or like to suggest a possible topic of importance or resource person you know of.

We plan to start at 2pm and AGM just before the cocktails.

Bula Festival 2017

Give all the support for this annual carnival, enjoy the festivities, help raise funds for charity and enjoy brisk business during the week

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