Plans to be a voice for our athletes

Members of the FASANOC Voices of the Athletes commission at The Pearl Resort in Pacific Harbour during their workshop on Saturday. Picture: FASANOC

FIJIAN athletes now have a platform to voice their concern and be heard by their sporting administrators.

This is after the Voices of the Athletes commission was revived recently to represent the athletes.

The commission held a three-day workshop at The Pearl Resort at Pacific Harbour on Saturday.

Commission chairman Inoke Niubalavu said the main topic of discussion was the plans on helping the commission to move forward.

“The workshop was a fruitful one because we discussed issues that will need to be addressed in the matters of athletes in Fiji,” he said.

“We reviewed plans on where we have been and where we want to go in the next two years.”

Niubalavu said there were plans to recruit athlete representatives from each sporting organisations.

“Our utmost goal is to be a voice of athletes and with that we will identify athlete representatives from every sports federations in order to provide closer engagements with them.”

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