Plans to assist maritime teams

THE Fiji Secondary Schools Athletics Associations (FSSAA) is planning to look in to areas of providing for accommodation for maritime schools coming in to compete in the Fiji Secondary Schools Athletics Finals.

FSSAA general secretary Vuli Waqa made these statements in response to queries regarding the welfare of maritime athletes camping in Suva.

Maritime schools were seen to be camping in classrooms, church halls and some were billeted at community halls around Suva.

“The responsibility is on the individual schools, they look for their own accommodation but perhaps in the years to come it is probably about time that we step in and to try and provide some of accommodation for them,” Waqa said.

“Travelling from faraway places and coming in to Suva and everything is probably new to them and some of them probably have never seen cars in their lives but I am glad the issue has been brought up and it is something that we will be looking at.”

On the same note, Coca-Cola Amatil Fiji Ltd marketing manager Lawrence Tikarama also urged family members of maritime students living in Suva to come and support their athletes.

“We talk about the games being truly Fijian owned, Fijian made and Fijian produced these children come from islands that have a lot islanders as well from the same village who live in Suva,” Tikaram said.

“We talk about our community living, community giving they need to come and support these athletes and that’s one side of it.

“But having said like the true Fijians we all are if you know you have your Kaivata is coming to stay in a certain area please go down there and show them your family Fijian support and get them also to come to the stadium because by entering the stadium those funds are also helping transmit back to the success of the games which is one of the greatest winning formulas for organising the games.

He said FSSAA also played their part in assisting the maritime schools by reimbursing a certain percentage of their gate-takings from the three-day competition at the ANZ Stadium for their transport purposes back to their respective islands.

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