Plans for targeted voter registration

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem during a press conference in Suva on Wednesday, September, 21, 2022. Picture: JONA KONATACI

The Fijian Elections Office will conduct a targeted voter registration drive to allow the remaining Fijians to upgrade their voter cards, says Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem.

He said the drive would be conducted between September 23 and September 25.

Mr Saneem said FEO teams would be placed at 30 locations in the Central Division to facilitate the upgrading of cards.

“This means there will be a team of 100 plus staff that will be situated in about 27 different locations within the Central-Suva area to facilitate the upgrade process of voter cards for Fijians who may still have not done it in Central Suva,” he said.

“We do not know the date for the election, but what we do know is that it can be an election next week Monday, so this weekend may be your last chance to register.”

He urged heads of government institutions to check their staff voter cards and allow them time to get it upgraded if they had not already done so.

“Because civil servants, if they’re still holding on to an expired voter card, it sets a bit bad precedent.

“If there are family units, that means check in your homes. How many of your family members have already upgraded to the latest voter card.

“If they have not, this will be the weekend where you will have to take them to get their cards upgraded.”

He said people could access the list of locations where the FEO teams would be stationed from the FEO website and its official Facebook page.

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