Plans for hockey

THE Fiji Hockey Federation has big plans to mark 100 years of its existence in the country in December this year.

National coach Hector Smith has seen the sport grow over the past number of years.

Smith also played an important role in taking the sport to another level.

He said hockey being one of the minor sport had been neglected by many.

“We need to have the support of everyone to help this sport grow further,” he said.

“During the world series in 2013 players had to pay $3500 from their pocket in order to make the trip.

“We urge the Fiji National Sports Commission, Fiji Sports Council and the Government to help hockey in the country.”

Smith said Fiji was superior to all its Pacific Island neighbours.

“In the region we usually beat the Pacific countries by 25-30 goals which says that we have a lot of potential,” he added.

“We are looking for more competitions this year and we might have a few overseas teams coming over for the tournament in December.

“Australia and New Zealand are standing in our way to the Olympics. We are confident that we will be able to beat them in the future and qualify.”

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